Hostile Reception

Hostile Reception


If I had been face-to-face with the receptionist at my GP surgery today, I would have threw my shoe at her. Without hesitation. Ok, well maybe not my shoe – I like my shoe. But I’d have said a swear word and stormed off. And maybe knocked over the pile of last years magazines they have for reading. 

Like I said before, after my appointment at the RMC clinic, it was agreed that I was a “good candidate” for progesterone and I was told I could get this from my ever so helpful GP. I phoned him a few weeks ago and was quickly dismissed, with him saying he can’t give me anything until he receives confirmation letter from the hospital (yeah cos I quite fancy getting high off the progesterone). Anyway – fine – I guess he has an oath or some bollocks, but I explained that I was eager to have it all sorted for when I got my next positive test and asked that he update me as soon as the letter was received. 

Today I call to find out if the letters been received and the exceptionally helpful receptionist tells me that it was indeed received – 20 DAYS AGO.. She says to me: 

“It says there’s no further action required so no you don’t have a prescription” 

“Yes,I know I don’t. I’m just wondering if it’s been confirmed that I have to get it once I’m pregnant” I say calmly. As calmly as I can manage anyway. I’m probably getting a bit ratty. 

“But you’ve to take it when you’re pregnant, not now. You aren’t pregnant.” she says. 

Gee, thanks for reminding me! And I’m aware how to bloody take it you stupid woman. All I want to know is if it’ll be there when I need it! (I never said this of course. I’m calm remember. At least at this point anyway.) 

“Well we actually recommended that you don’t get pregnant until after your scan results” 

WE?! WE?!?! Who the fuck are WE?! 

I totally lost it then. I screamed that if she bothered to look at the rest of my notes, she would see I’ve had 5 bloody miscarriages and I WILL be getting progesterone and I certainly wont be taking advice from a receptionist who is merely reading notes from a screen and I will absolutely not be told by a receptionist what to do with MY body nor when I’ve to do it and I want to speak to my GP right NOW and I will not continue this conversation with someone who is completely unqualified to be giving any sort of medical advice! 

It never got much better either to be honest. My GP called back and started going on about possible side effects and how the recent medical studies aren’t conclusive and he’s totally uncomfortable prescribing it and he’s decided against it. Fuck. All I want is someone to give me the drugs for my incompetent vagina. For fuck sake. 

(Apologies to receptionists everywhere that are decent at their job. This isn’t directed at you. Just that one bloody woman)