I’m usually not a huge fan of Valentines Day. I think people are pressured in to doing something and if they dont… well, your partner obviously doesn’t love you enough. Its unfair.

But! And it’s a big but. Over the past few years we’ve realised how important it is to show each other how much we appreciate and love the other person, so we try do something. (I still don’t agree with restaurants over charging you though!)

There’s a shop in the UK called Marks&Spencers that does a great wee “dine in for £20”. You get a starter,main,side,dessert,chocolates AND a bottle on wine. Sorted.

Without getting in to a detailed critic type review, let’s just say it was beautiful. We sat on a blanket on the floor, the room was candlelit and Andrea Bocelli echoed through the soundbar. After dinner we made love on the floor – something we hadn’t done in so long. (Is that tmi? I mean, everyone knows we do it but maybe that was oversharing)

But it really was lovely. I think it’s something we both really needed.


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