I have news. Wonderful, wonderful news. We’ve been accepted for IVF! We’re officially on the list! It’s just a waiting game now. 

I know this is no way a guarantee that I’ll have a baby, but I already feel so much more positive about everything. 

So, why did I qualify if I’ve been pregnant multiple times in the past few years? I know people might be wondering about this. I’ve been trying for 3 years now with no success and no explained cause for my miscarriages or my new sudden struggle to conceive – so that essentially qualifies me as having some form of infertility. The fact I have a stepson also doesn’t matter – it used to, but they’ve changed that rule. (I should say that this is Scotland’s rulings, so anywhere else could be – and I think is – entirely different). 

I’m in the process of getting blood tests, and my next appointment isn’t until February, but it’s all pretty exciting. I’ll qualify for 3 rounds of free IVF on the NHS (we’re exceptionally lucky in this country), so I hope with all my heart that one of these will be successful! I’m so excited and nervous and happy and scared and anxious and giddy and every other emotion you can fit in to my little body – except sad – no, I’m not sad.