Next steps

Next steps


I’ve officially hit the one year mark. One year since I was last pregnant. I phoned my doctors first thing and asked if he could help. And he did. He was wonderful! (I’ve moved house so I have a new GP and he’s fantastic!) 

He’s going to refer me to the Assisted Conception Unit at the Glasgow Royal Hospital and hopefully they’ll be able to help. He did tell me that there’s still a good chance I’ll conceive naturally so I was advised to keep banging them out in the meantime. (Well Ok he never used that term; he’s a professional for goodness sake but you get the gist.) 

I’ve been thinking of giving myself until I’m about 35. I know that’s not old, but that would be almost 10 years of my life I will have spent trying for a baby and to be honest, that’s enough. For me anyway. It’s a long time to have this cloud hanging over you. Every woman has their own idea of when to stop, and I just feel that this would be right for me. I know that I can’t do this forever – physically or emotionally -and I think coming to terms with that is the right thing to do. 

But no, wait. That sounds negative. And I’m being positive positive positive today. This WILL happen! Things are moving forward. Things are looking up. We’re getting somewhere! 

(I should mention that my husband is really looking forward to the whole sperm in a cup part of the testing. The one time being a man is harder! – no pun intended)