So next month will mark a year since I was last pregnant.

I’ll be 31 in November so while I know I’m not particularly old, I know that time is ticking on

Can anyone offer advice? Would I qualify for IVF even though I’ve been pregnant before.. multiple times, but never had a successful one. I don’t want to keep hoping for a miracle for another 3 years. If I need help, I’d want to get it as soon as I can.

So yea.. any IVF women, I’d love to hear from you! (I live in Scotland, so I’m guessing things will be different here than U.S etc but I’d still appreciate any advice!)


26 thoughts on “IVF?

  1. If I remember rightly from reading your blog, your husband already has a child so I don’t think you will be eligible for IVF on the NHS. When myself and my husband went for tests I’m sure it was on the leaflet as one of the conditions. Best to check it out though. C

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      1. Yeah I’m pretty sure it does but double check just in case I’m wrong. There might be more to it than what I read as we didn’t go any further x


      1. I’m in Scotland as well. I went to the ACS at the GRI. There might be something else to do with whether or not they live with you. I can’t quite remember. X

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      2. Hmmm maybe that’s it. I’d need to talk to my mother in law in more detail to know the ins and outs.
        Hubbys sons registered address is with his mum, so while we have him half the time.. he doesn’t “officially” live with us.

        It’s never been suggested to me that it’d be an issue, and I’ve had countless appointments with my specialist so I’m sure it won’t be an issue!


      3. I know! It’s horrible that someone else gets to make these decisions about you and your situation. Get yourself referred as they are pretty quick to see you for your first appointment to go over what’s happening x

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    1. It’s not necessarily true – depends on the CCG. My sister had ivf and her partner has three children from a previous relationship. The number of rounds varies from borough to borough, in London anyway. We came from a three round borough to a one round borough.

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      1. Thank you for your reply! So I found out.. Scotland has 3 funded rounds (i think that’s the same throughout but i did read that Wales, England and N.I can vary) and you’ll only really have an issue if the child lives with you full time…and even then, it’s not always a straight “no”.. I’m waiting on my appointment for the assisted conception unit so I guess I’ll see what happens from there!!

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  2. A friend of mine had lots of early losses (chemicals). Nothing found on investigation. She and her husband just made “weak embryos”. IVF meant that only the strongest survived and they have been successful twice and now have three children.

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  3. I’ve had a loss myself and I am currently in my stimulated cycle for IVF! I think that you should really look into it. IVF can be used to help you make sure they are only implanting the strongest embryos. For me we found out I have a ton of issues that impact me to become pregnant naturally so this is our best shot. The great thing about IVF is they only implant the best embryos so it gives you a better live birth success rate. Good luck and I say totally get a consultation. 🙂

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