Twisted Cyst 

Twisted Cyst 

So I’m pretty angry. Fuming actually. I had an ovarian cyst discovered about two and a half years ago, and at the time it was decided that it wasn’t affecting my fertility or causing my miscarriages.

Fast forward about a year and after various other tests they decided that they would remove it as a precaution. I received an appointment over a year ago but had to cancel as I was pregnant. Obviously that ended in a loss so I called back to reschedule and heard nothing.

At my MRI 4 months ago it was measured again. It had grown to 5x5x6cm. I never knew this. I was never told it had grew. I still never got an appointment.

Around a week ago i had awful pain in my stomach – like an intense stabbing pain that would turn into severe cramps and back to stabbing again over and ovet again. The level of pain went from about a 3 out of 10 to about a 7.. it was bearable, but it was never ok.

I somehow managed to pop some painkillers and sleep it off until I woke the next morning in agony. Pain I’ve never felt before..I went to A&E but the pain had subsided by the time I got there, So they took my BP and bloods and sent me home.

Next day – same thing. The pain came back. It was worse. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t get dressed, I couldn’t do anything. I was in tears. No-one was home so I called Nikki at work and he told me to call an ambulance and get back to A&E and he would meet me there.

After pleading with them to do something, the doctors agreed to scan me. It was discovered my cyst had grown to at least 8cm, and had twisted around my fallopian tube causing that to become swollen and of course.. causing me to be bloody agony!

The doctor cooly explained that I would need inmediate surgery and probably need to have my ovary removed. I immediately burst into tears. He tried to reassure me but it was useless. I couldnt think logically or calmy. I was frightened and sore and upset. All i could think was why was this happening?! Why me?

I woke up after my surgery and was told that i didnt need my tube removed and only a small part of my ovary was removed meaning it should work normally.

The surgeon told me the cyst wasn’t helping matters when it came to TTC or my miscarriages.

I feel I was forgotten about. Did this cause long-term damage?




17 thoughts on “Twisted Cyst 

  1. Oh my gosh that is horrendous! How can anyone in their right mind KNOW that you had this cyst and were experiencing recurrent miscarriage and not think “hey, maybe this is contributing?!” I am so so angry for you. Glad it’s been removed now though, and hopefully this will help with your TTC journey. I have everything crossed for you xx

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    1. So frustrated honestly hun. How it’s got to two years and they still didn’t seem particularly bothered about removing it I’ll never know! There was a girl in at the same time who’d been referred before going ahead with IVF as she’d struggled to fall pregnant and when she went for fertility help, the cyst was discovered and removed within 3 months!

      I guarantee if mine wasn’t causing me pain, it’d still be in there!


    1. I know! My husband is saying he’s just glad I’m not in pain anymore which of course is the main thing… I’m SO relieved about that.. but I’m still bloody annoyed! The pain should never have got to that stage, it’s OBVIOUSLY affected my fertility and no-one told me. That’s what I’m angry about.

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  2. Nicola I know this will be hard but quit raging. It’s inviting in stress, negativity and upset. I’ve had our little boy now, he’s 6 weeks old in ten minutes, after 9 years infertility and 5 miscarriages. No one knew why I was miscarrying until delivery when they told me my womb was a war zone and his name, Saxon, was very apt as he would need to be a warrior to survive that. I’ve had countless scans and examinations and have been into at least 3 specialists for (expensive paid for) treatment and advice and they all missed the masses of scar tissue and my uterus and bladder being fused together from said scarring. Yet I still fell pregnant naturally with Saxon and he managed to stay there. The obstetrician told me that he cleaned me up properly (the obstetrician who delivered my 9 year old clearly didn’t) before closing me up and my fertility issues should now be solved. I’m 42 years old. My 9 year old has missed out on having close to age siblings and whilst he has apoarentky fixed me, old age pregnancies are not without risk and so I will have to think long and hard about doing it again. However, we DID GET A BABY. It happened for us, despite the cock ups and devastating wait. So can I be angry? No. People muck up. It happens. The NHS is under pressure and our bodies are complicated. Leaving your cyst there might actually have been seen to be the safest thing fir your fertility by one doctor but removing it best by the other. In the end your body made its own mind up and now you need to look forward, not back. I never look back. Let the future have your energy, now your fixed, this time next year your baby will be here or on its way Im sure xxx


    1. I appreciate your comment but it was agreed a long time ago that it should have been removed. They just never arranged an appointment for it. I empathise with your situation but it’s totally different from mine. I was 28 when I started TTC, healthy, no kids, no medical issues.
      The doctors have now said it most likely affected my fertility.
      I think I’m entitled to be a little angry for the unnecessary pain I went through and the amount of time I’ve spent TTC so far. For all I know I could’ve had a child by now.
      The anger/frustration will die down of course, but I only had the surgery on Thurs so I’m still going to be a little angry.

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      1. I strongly (and respectfully) disagree with the above post, although I can see it’s been re-clarified.
        Rage. Especially about this, it’s ridiculous!! But even if it’s not, and is about a shop assistant or a parking space, if there is the there, is there.

        I believe our power comes from owning our totality. The fears, joys and rage.

        Also passionately believe you can’t positive think a baby. We all would have done it by now.

        Thinking happily is infinitely easier once we get the two pink lines.

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      2. Thank you so much for this!! I love you for this comment. I worried that maybe I WAS being negative, and focusing my energy at the wrong thing but you’re absolutely right! Anger is short lived anyway so I knee after a few days I would be more rational and calm.. I just needed to vent and rage and be annoyed!

        I started this blog promising that I would be honest about my feelings and I’m glad I’ve continued to do that. I can’t be positive every day, and some days i…(like I’m sure all of us do) let it get to me.

        Thank you for this extra bit of support and understanding 🙂

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      3. You are so welcome.

        I am so over the victim shaming and general feelings-silencing that happens around (almost everything, but especially) lost babies, and TTC.

        And I agree completely. Once it’s been expressed, you move on. Naturally.

        Go you!! You’re amazing! ❤

        Big baby dust! 💕 Xx

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  3. I had 5 miscarriages in 2 and a half years. It’s not normal and every specialist agreed there HAD to be a reason but they couldn’t figure out what.. now theyre saying it’s prob this.
    ANY cyst over 5cm should be removed. That’s UK NHS guidelines. Mines SHOULD have been removed sooner.

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    1. Oh I’m not dumbing down your right to be angry in any way, not at all and sorry it if read like that. My back story with my 9 year old has four years of infertility too, I’ve been on this road for 14 years and every pregnancy, even the 5 that ended in miscarriage, was a miracle I never thought would happen. My message is too early, I’m sorry for that. I had been trying for 6 years when in 2013 I was given a hysteroscopy – I hadn’t fallen pregnant once before the procedure, started falling straight after it. All I’m saying is despite them getting it wrong, your body forced them to get it right and now you’re on a different journey. I’m hoping a very exciting one.

      We are all suffering issues for different reasons. I’m just trying to show you there’s hope, a bit of light.

      Good luck xx


      1. Thank you. I felt like you were telling me I can’t be angry when I feel like I’m allowed to be for a while.
        Apologies if I took it the wrong way.
        I also wasn’t trying to lessen your struggle whatsoever.. I was just pointing out that mine was different. That mine in theory should be simple.. I have no health issues whatsoever and the only thing that seemed to be causing this was the cyst. But hey, its out now and that’s the main thing!

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  4. Angers me when such things happen, I feel your frustration, rightly so. Hope that this is going to give you a clean slate to start again and succeed. 🙂

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  5. Speechless and totally angry for you…the inconsistent treatment and knowledge from one consultant to the next just does my head in. Even when you point things out to them they can be so dismissive only to u-turn later having robbed patients of valuable time. Grrrr!
    Anyhow. Enough of my rant (!) Hopefully the cyst removal will help – feel whatever emotions you need to feel and chin up…sending positive vibes and hugs your way 🙂 x

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    1. Thank you for understanding! Feel a lot more relief now.. post op pain is easing massively and I’m obv grateful its dealt with! I think I’ll always be frustrated with how I’ve been dismissed and overlooked…however accidental it may have been.. But things can only get better from now! Xc


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