Bloody receptionists!

Bloody receptionists!


If I had been face-to-face with the receptionist at my GP surgery today, I would have threw my shoe at her. Without hesitation. Well, I’d at least have given her a piece of mind (I like my shoes too much).

Background first – I have been to my GP after every miscarriage, either for a sick-line to hand in at work or a blood test or whatever, so they’re more than aware of my “history”. The ‘on call’ doctor was bloody brilliant – made me feel very reassured and calm. My regular doctor? Well he’s certainly not did any sympathy training recently. I have fought to get where I am in terms of the medical help I’m receiving – he hasn’t helped with any part of it (oh except offering to give me folic acid on prescription). I’ve did the research, I’ve asked the questions, I’ve brought up the subject of progesterone/aspirin/acupuncture/further tests. My GP has done bugger all to be honest.

Middle part – After my appointment at the RMC clinic, it was agreed that I was a “good candidate” for progesterone and the specialist told me I could get this from my ever so helpful GP. (the specialists have been fantastic by the way). I phoned my GP and was quickly dismissed, with him saying he can’t give me anything until he receives confirmation letter from the hospital (yeah cos I quite fancy getting high off the progesterone). Anyway – fine – I guess he has an oath or some bollocks…. but I explained that I was eager to have it so it was all sorted for when I got my next positive test so could he update me as soon as the letter was received.

Today – I call to find out if they’ve got the letter yet and the lovely receptionist says she can check. (re-read that sentence but make sure you say ‘lovely’ with a sarcastic tone to really get in the swing of this post). She tells me that it was indeed received – 20 DAYS AGO… Now that’s not a typo. TWENTY days. She says “there is no further action required” so progesterone hasn’t actually been prescribed yet. I ask her if I can please speak to my GP as I would really like to be assured that I will be able to get this AS SOON as I fall pregnant.  “But you’ve to take it when you’re pregnant, not now. You aren’t pregnant.” she says… I’m aware how to bloody take it you stupid woman. All I want to know is if it’ll be there when I need it! So I ask again to speak to my GP and do you know what she said to me?! Do you want to know?

“We actually recommended that you don’t get pregnant until your MRI scan”

WE?! WE?!?! Who the fuck are WE?!

I lost it then. I screamed that if she bothered to look at the rest of my notes, she would see I’ve had 5 bloody miscarriages and I WILL be getting progesterone and I certainly wont be taking advice from a receptionist and I will not be told by a receptionist what to do with MY body and I want to speak to my GP right NOW and not continue this conversation with someone who is completely unqualified to be giving any sort of medical advice!

Honest to God. It never got much better either to be honest. My GP called back and started going on about possible side effects and how the recent medical studies aren’t conclusive. All I want is some bloody drugs for my incompetent vagina. For fuck sake.


11 thoughts on “Bloody receptionists!

  1. 1. I’m so proud of you for yelling at her. 2. THE WORST THING IS WHEN YOU HAVE TO CONVINCE DOCTORS OF WHAT YOU NEED AS IF YOU ARE WANTING TO DO ALL OF THIS FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES. Sorry for shouting but that made me angry down to my toes. I have a new medical team and I see I’m going to have a shouty caps conversation with them very soon. GAH. I know my body just give me what I tell you I need so we can both be on our way. I say all that to say I’m sorry you had this kind of day.

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  2. Doctors receptionists are the absolute worst, and it’s bad enough when we’re unwell and they think they’ve a right to delve in to your medical history, but you’d think a bit of sensitivity and compassion wouldn’t have been too much for them?! I’m sorry you had to go through that, but good on you for shouting at them. I’m not an aggressive person, but sometimes (when people are being callous idiots) a bit of anger is exactly what’s needed. I hope you get the support you deserve and a better response in future. Arse holes the lot of them!

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    1. Theyre now saying they wont give me it, and I’ll need to go through hospital as they feel uncomfortable giving me an “unlicensed drug” – it drives me mental. my husband and you lot have been a great outlet for me the past few days haha!! thank you for still keeping up to date with me hun 🙂

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  3. Yikes! Can you switch doctors? Sounds like both the doctor and the receptionist are awful. Furthermore I can’t believe they wouldn’t give you progesterone, like after your first loss. Like you said it’s not like you are asking for heroine or something. In fact, I’ve heard they can’t hurt, and are a quick fix if low progesterone is the reason for your losses. Sounds like you have an uphill battle there…I’m so sorry.

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    1. I’m switching practices on Monday… I can’t deal with them anymore. Hes just a completely horrible doctor who I feel has offered zero help throughout everything. I’m still confident I’ll get the progesterone one way or another, but it does seem like I’ve got an unecessary fight on my hands and I wont be taking it lying down 🙂


  4. Sounds like you’re on the right track and have no problem advocating for yourself, good! I had 3 MC’s in 15 mos before being put on progesterone and having back to back healthy pregnancies. Good luck!

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