Merry Christmas/Happy New year/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Other religious holidays I don’t really know much about. Hope everyone’s well. 

Baby-wise we never tried much over Christmas – Nikki was pretty sick for a few weeks so it was off the table – and I really didn’t mind. We had our THIRD appointment at the RMC (Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic) a few days ago and I finally feel we’re getting somewhere. Third time lucky I guess.. Except that really doesn’t mean anything to me. 

My specialist agrees that it isn’t “normal” to have this many losses for no reason, so she’s recommended I start progesterone as soon as I fall pregnant. She’s also sending me for an MRI to see if I have any abnormalities in my uterus. Well I can think of one straightaway love – it won’t keep a bloody baby in it!  

Maybe we’re getting somewhere now. Only time will tell.  


13 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. We’re in sync with what we’re going through. Keep thinking positive. I was a little disheartened when my Dr said there was no reason and she wouldn’t see me again until I was pregnant but they know best. Let’s hope we both get our happy ending!

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    1. She’s still reluctant to commit to there being “something” wrong, but I think we’re at the stage where she can’t keep saying it, so she NEEDS to do something. Of course, there’s no guarantee these things will work but I’m going to try everything!

      She said to me that even 3 losses can be relatively normal and most doctors seem to assume the 4th will be fine. Once you get past that number they take a bit more notice. Really frustrating that it takes that many losses though.

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      1. We are very similar aren’t we? Right down to the uterus! Haha!

        I was reading you’ve been told to see Professor Quenby in Coventry? I was offered that too but just not sure if we want to pay out just yet. Please let me know how it goes!

        I’m keeping everything crossed for you!!

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      2. It’s something we’ve talked about for ages. I’m just so sure there is something wrong. If I know I’ve done everything I’d be happier. Time isn’t on my side so I want to do as much as we can xx good luck xx

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  2. Is she going to put you on progesterone on cycle day 20 or as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test? I had repeat early miscarriages and they had my start progesterone on CD 20, since 2 of my losses happened within 24 hrs of my positive test. Just something to think about. I also started low dose aspirin at the same time.

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    1. She’s told me I don’t need the aspirin just now (but I may take it on my own anyway) but the injections will be along the same lines of aspirin!

      She told me to take it as soon as positive PT, but I may phone my GP myself and ask for it now – he’s very good and is willing to give me it whenever I need it! I’m on day 19 now so I could phone today… you’ve got me thinking now!

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      1. I just know what it’s like to want to cover all your possible bases in the hopes that something works. The RE that finally put me on progesterone and baby aspirin said he didn’t understand why no one put me on it before since it pretty much can’t hurt anything so what’s the harm. And either that or something else I did (acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and the supplements recommended in the book It Starts With The Egg) must have worked bc I finally was able to stay pregnant. I hope that this is the ticket for you too!!!

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