What now?

What now?

I got the phone call on Thursday morning that my levels had dropped substantially. I’d miscarried. As if I thought anything else. 

They asked me to come in for  another blood test. Why? Why do I need to continue coming in to the pregnancy ward to be told the same thing every 2 days until my levels reach below 5. My hospital isn’t even local so the whole thing was pissing me off. I told her I wouldn’t be coming back in unless I was still bleeding in 2 weeks. This wasn’t my first time at the rodeo. 

Sorry – that sounds heartless. I’m just done. 

Where do we go from here? 


30 thoughts on “What now?

  1. That’s horrible news Hun but I’m glad that now you’re getting to explore other options. As you said, all well and good to tell you there’s no reason for your losses but that doesn’t make them any less awful and it doesn’t help you to carry to term either. Definitely time to try some other things now. Keep us posted, I’m still rooting for you xx

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  2. Hi so sorry for your loss, I was in the same position no one really willing to do anything and saying that progesterone supplements are not proven so I considered going private for the nk cells tests but was told by my Gynae not to bother wasting my money…pretty frustrating! Anyway I decided to go down the alternative route and had Accupuncture right from the start of my cycle, I dropped on that time and had it right up until 12 weeks and am now at 16 weeks. I 100% believe it is the Accupuncture and believe the theory that it has suppressed my immune system to allow the baby to develop but they’re just mine and my therapists thoughts. After 5 miscarriages I was willing to try anything and am so pleased I did, worth looking into. Hope you are doing ok, it is awful especially when there are no answers xx

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    1. I’ve actually heard a lot about accupuncture after miscarriage. Can I ask how often you got it? And did you do it while TTC or just once you got your positive? Hope you don’t mind me asking!


  3. No not at all happy to answer I started before I got pregnant and my therapist had recommended 12 sessions weekly to get everything in sync as I have endometriosis, happened to drop on unexpected that cycle and continued having it up until 12 weeks once a week, it was £35 a session so it does add up but I was willing to try it and it has been worth it for me. Sometimes the nhs will fund it or if you are in a Hospital scheme you can claim it back x

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m off work today and step-son free so I’ll take full advantage and go do some research!! Really appreciate the info! I’m willing to spend a wee bit anyway… just as long as we don’t bankrupt ourselves haha! £35 seems do-able 🙂


  4. So sorry to hear this, but am glad to hear that you are looking into alternatives. We should never stop looking for answers, even if they say everything is ok, because deep down our gut tells us there is something wrong. In my case I just couldn’t get pregnant because I had pcos, endometriosis, low hormone production (like way low) of progesterone and estrogen which couldn’t even sustain a pregnancy. I had surgery and was put on hcg injections which helped raise my hormone levels monthly to get pregnant. I had two miscarriages and am now 23 weeks with my rainbow. I really hope you find answers, take care of yourself sweetie.

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    1. Thanks for commenting!! It’s so good hearing the positive stories… gives us all hope and that extra wee boost to keep going!!

      So sorry for ur losses and a massive good luck with this pregnancy hun!!


  5. My thoughts are with you. I’m from Devon and been diagnosed with pcos so doctors have put me on metformin straight away. We had a miscarriage in April and no luck since. My doctors are putting me through to fertility as soon as my bmi is 30 or less. Hopefully they will sort you out xxxx

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    1. Ive read about a lot of women struggling when ttc with pcos! Must be so frustrating! I know im lucky that I conceive but its still the end result that we all seem to struggle with! ..God remember in school when you thought u would get pregnant if u touched a Willy! :))))

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      1. I wish it was that simple. You try so hard for your while life to not get pregnant… Then when you want to its so hard. I could imagine its just as painful to conceive multiple time and for it to be taken away. Just as much as knowing it’s not working x

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  6. Im so sorry. I hate how they insist you keep coming back and being poked for weeks and weeks…so crappy. After my 3rd loss, I did begin taking Folgard (supposedly gold standard as far as folate goes) and PIO injections instead of vaginal and oral progesterone.

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  7. I’m so sorry.
    With my second miscarriage, I actually didn’t go in to the doctor at all. I’d been in to have my pregnancy confirmed, but hadn’t signed up for a midwife yet- I was waiting until after my 6 week scan. So when I started miscarrying just before the scan, I called the scanning place to cancel it. Didn’t see the point of going to the doctor- they can’t do anything. Draw my blood and say insensitive things. I just tested my HcG with a home pregnancy test around two weeks after miscarrying to make sure it was negative, and then got back to trying.
    I was also unable to get prescriptions for anything (New Zealand)- the doctors just wanted me to keep trying. I ordered progesterone cream online and used that for the first tri. Who knows if it made a difference, but it felt better to be doing something.


  8. Have you tried looking at the current trials being run by Tommy’s into recurrent miscarriage? It may be a bit far to travel or you may feel it is not for you but they are based in Coventry, Birmingham and London. There are several different ones being undertaken and I am currently taking part in the SiM trial where they are testing whether scratching the lining of the womb helps sustain pregnancy. I had two miscarriages before my son was born and managed to get prescribed progesterone tablets during that pregnancy, which was successful. I then had a third miscarriage trying for our second (progesterone didn’t seem to be the answer with that one), which is when I contacted the university hospital in Coventry. I am now pregnant again, although it is early days, and the support they have given is amazing – there is always someone to talk to and they really know their stuff. I’m also having acupuncture too. So far all is going well but I know that whatever happens, I will be helping improve the understanding of why miscarriage happens and that makes me feel much better. You can find info on the Tommy’s website under the section on current trials here: https://www.tommys.org/our-organisation/what-we-do/our-research/miscarriage-research/take-part-our-clinical-trials xx

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    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment! My specialist recommended the trial in Coventry but I think it works out about £800 for me inc travel etc and I just can’t afford that just now.. I know its not actually a huge amount of money so maybe after Xmas we’ll look in to it!! Right now its a no go!

      Def going to try the acupuncture!


  9. Glad you are being proactive! Some things we are doing which will help prevent another miscarriage: baby aspirin, vitamin D, the MTHF folate, acupuncture, PGS testing, progesterone suppositories, estrogen pills and estrogen injections. Whew! A lot of these are for the IVF protocol, but I’m hoping they will help sustain pregnancy.

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  10. Hi Nicola

    I haven’t managed to read all of your blogs yet (I will) but just wanted to ask you if you are taking aspirin and Vitamin D? If not get onto 75mg aspirin a day and 2,000 Vitamin D. They think two of my miscarriages (where we actually saw a heartbeat and were raring to go) were caused by sticky blood syndrome and believe aspirin to help. Basically it’s something to do with when the baby starts getting fed from the placenta, sticky blood means the ‘feed’ isn’t efficient and the baby dies off. Ours both happened around 7 weeks. Also take the pregnacare plus (with omega 3), my miscarriage clinic insists on it rather than other brands. Apologies for being dumb on how NHS works in Scotland too but are you able to access English experts through NHS and come here for consultations? If so Dr Shehata, in Epsom Hospital is renowned for his work with miscarriage and I am under him. I have been given a steroid called predisnolone to take from ovulation each month as well as progesterone (can’t believe they won’t give you this, it is proven to help) from him. I do have NK cells but only slightly raised. They have never proved I have sticky blood syndrome and am not sure they can but if you can get yourself on what I am on I am told you have better chances. Here (Surrey) after 3 miscarriages you get NHS assistance but I know Shehata has a private clinic so if you wanted to do that you could. Website for his private clinic is below. Keep going lovely, it will come together for you xxx


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    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I took aspirin this time but probably too late (I think I actually started the day before bleeding!)

      They’ve finally agreed to give me progesterone next time I fall pregnant but its been a lot of begging and pleading which is frustrating!

      I actually have no idea about NHS procedures between Scotland and England but I’ll absolutely check out that website and do some enquiries! I’m at the stage where nothing can hurt!

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      1. Hi Nicola

        Get on the aspirin within 24 hours of your monthly ending and start inserting the progesterone from ovulation (so pleased you are getting it). I would definitely ask to be referred to Shehata, you never know and I have a friend with a six month old baby who used the steroids so it’s definitely worth a try so even if they don’t refer you ask for prednisone and ranitidine, I am sure they can call Shehata for info.

        I’ve had the same with hcg blood tests going against me early on but these drugs definitely help, I’m 9 weeks along now and crossing everything daily (it’s the furthest I’ve got since my 9 year old – in the last 3 years have miscarried 5 early on). Keep trying lovely x

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