I was stationery shopping yesterday (does anyone else love buying new pens and pads by the way?) and I may have made a beeline for the pregnancy tests. I also may have bought one three, and I may have already taken one two. 

In the whole 3 times I’ve been pregnant, I have NEVER had a positive until I was at least around 4 days late. Not even a hint of a line has shown up early – even with the sensitive tests – so I have no idea why I tested. (Well I do, it’s because TTC turns me into a crazy person!) 

It of course was negative – both times. I also never told my husband because he specifically said to me just two days ago “even if you don’t get your period by Tues, DON’T test until the weekend, you’ll end up disappointed”. Man I hate when he’s right. 

The worst part of it is I still have one left that’s burning a hole in my pocket and I CAN’T PROMISE I WONT USE IT TODAY! 


4 thoughts on “Impatience

  1. I have SO been there!

    I started buying tests at the dollar store because I am notorious for taking them too soon. I think I took at least five for my first and third pregnancy and luckily it came back positive the day I was supposed to get my period with my second so I only did one that time. But I’ve taken them (more than one) on multiple occasions when I haven’t been pregnant.

    It’s so hard when you are hoping beyond hope that you are pregnant (I lost all three of my pregnancies too) and getting your period is such a disappointment.

    You are not alone!

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  2. OMG! I just went through epic excitement, fear and apprehension in like 10 seconds… For you and this month… This process sucks!!

    I’m totally the same, (love stationary!!) Test wayyyyy too early. Go on every imaginable rollercoaster every few minutes and cry and get shitty when I get my period 😐

    Sending love ❤ and an “I freaking feel ya!” Hug xxxx

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