Animal Mineral Vegetable (and some lube)

Animal Mineral Vegetable (and some lube)


I’ve made a lot of changes to my diet the past few months.

I rarely eat red meat, possibly once or twice a month.

Switched from minced beef to quorn (far nicer by the way)

I’ll have a few glasses of wine when I’m on my period but no other alcohol the rest of the month

I’ve cut down massively on dairy and sugar.

I take vitamin c, vitamin d, calcium and folic acid.

This month I’m trying more. I’ve ordered a fertility lube. Now I’ve NEVER used lube… maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think it’s as common place here in the UK as it is in America. I bought “conceive” plus. Has anyone used it and can share some stories? Has it helped? Is it icky?

A friend of mine also recommended cassava root. Has anyone had experience with this? I’ve read people who want twins take it… now don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE a child but the idea of twins terrifies me!!

Anyone got other recommendations or things they take or things they do differently now? I’d be interested to hear them.


25 thoughts on “Animal Mineral Vegetable (and some lube)

  1. We’ve been using Preseed which is very similar. It mimics your natural fluid so isn’t icky at all. The only thing is being sneaky and using it before you get busy! Hubby knows I buy it but can’t tell when I’ve used it or not and I don’t tell him as it helps him not to feel as pressured.
    I’ve also made some major lifestyle changes this month, ticking all boxes!
    Fingers crossed xx

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    1. I only bought this one because I ovulate in 2 or 3 days and kind of panicked and grabbed the first one I seen!
      I’m hoping it isn’t too different to preseed.. I’ll let u know how I get on with it (cos I’m sure ur dying to know haha)

      How long have u been trying?

      Good luck this month!!


  2. I did a bit of research in to raspberry leaf tea (I take the tablets because everyone told me the tea itself tastes rank!) because it’s meant to help you have a quicker labour and recovery, but while I was researching it I also discovered that it’s generally a bit of an amazing thing for female fertility in general. It strengthens your uterus and thickens the lining and all sorts so may be worth giving that a try too? I’m keeping everything crossed for you honey. Xx

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    1. Thank you hun! I’ll try the tablets!! I know myself i won’t be arsed making cups of tea!
      I’ll try Holland and Barret today n see if they have anything!!
      How’s things with you? How far along are u now? 🙂


      1. Holland and Barrett was where I got the tablets so you should be in luck there. 🙂 worth a try isn’t it!

        I’m good thanks, 34 weeks now, finishing work in a few weeks and all is well although the midwife thinks the little man is measuring small now so may have a growth scan next week just to check all is well. Judging on the boot on him though, I think he’s absolutely fine! 😊


      2. That’s it bought!! Found it no bother. Bloody 7quid. It better get me pregnant haha!

        34 weeks?! Wow that’s flew in!! I didn’t even know u were having a boy! (I broke my phone a while ago n couldn’t blog!)


        If it helps, they said that about my husband’s wee boy n he’s absolutely perfect 🙂

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      3. Yeah it is bloody extortionate and funnily enough I said “I’d better have a perfect labour now!” Haha! I know, 34 weeks already. It literally has flown! I can’t believe it sometimes. I know it sounds mad, but it feels like a dream sometimes. I think half of me still expects something to go wrong. I don’t think I’ll fully relax until he’s here…and then I’ll stress about a whole bunch of new things! I keep up to date with your blog hoping that we’ll be able to celebrate for you soon too. I keep everything crossed for you xx

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  3. Raspberry leaf tea, less caffeine, more healthy fats like nuts and avocado. Royal jelly is meant to help and co enzyme q 10 for healthy eggs, also zinc is a good fertility supplement x

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    1. I’ve already massively limited my caffeine and switched to decaff for rest of my coffee needs 🙂

      Your the second person that’s mentioned raspberry tea so I’ll definitely look at that!

      Thank you 🙂

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  4. I’ve never used that type of lube, but we use PreSeed & you use an applicator to dispense (the best sounding word? 😂) inside of you. We’re used to lube, (my medications dry me out), and this one is the best. Feels the most natural, but at the end, you’ll feel a little sticky. (Not as bad as other lubes, though)

    Good luck! Baby dust!

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    1. We’ll I’ve never used lube so it’ll be a surprise guess haha!

      This one comes with an applicator too n that got me a bit confused? Without being too gross.. do you put it inside, as opposed to around?

      I’m hopeless!


      1. Yes. If it’s like the other, screw the applicator to the tube, squeeze to the recommended amt (or less for your first try), and then insert like a tampon and push the plunger! If you WANT you can put some outside but you prob won’t need it

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      1. I imagine they’re very similar. You probably have enough for a couple of months now.. I also used to follow the Sperm Meets Egg Plan (try to google it) and I found it gave me the best chances. But it’s a lot of BDing…

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  5. Raspberry leaf tea in the first half of the cycle. Supposedly it tones the uterus but can also help balance hormones. It’s best not to drink it after ovulation as it can cause uterine contractions which may prevent implantation. Not proven but best to be on the safe side!
    Supposedly dandelion root helps with hormonal imbalances as well. I recently started drinking the tea and it’s horrible! I’m sweetening it with a tiny bit of honey to try and force it down. Red raspberry leaf is much nicer.

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      1. I lived in Germany for 8 years and they’re into their herbs for EVERYTHING. I learned a lot from German sites. I’m in Switzerland now and they seem to be the same – herbal/natural options before real medicine.

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      2. I’ve heard about cassava root too.. Another herbal option. I’d rather take the natural choices first. I always think it’s better putting those kind of things into your body especially when TTC!

        I seem to be ovulating last this month though, haven’t got my positive yet and usually get it on CD18 (which is today), however I am now showing signs. Just wondering if it’s a coincidence or if the RLT capsules have delayed it?

        Are you ttc at the minute as well?


      3. It’s possible that raspberry lead could delay ovulation. Different things affect people differently. I’ve only heard of B6 delaying ovulation, but that doesn’t mean RL never does.

        We are on cycle 9 of trying. I don’t mention it on my blog though since we’re not “out” yet and some real life people read there.

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