Absent Minded

Absent Minded

I broke my phone and laptop about 2 weeks ago so I was kind of shut out from my writing. Well aside from using pen and paper. Maybe it was a good thing though.  

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying writing is a bad thing; it’s saved me from be venturing into some dark places… but maybe subconsciously I haven’t allowed myself to get stressed because I knew there wasn’t my normal place to vent? 

I haven’t got my hopes up this month. Not entirely anyway. There’s always a small hope hanging over me when my period hasn’t turned up. 

So far I’ve had zero symptoms. No painful boobs, no cramps (a few a week ago but I think that might actually have been an upset tummy as opposed to my implantation hopes!) No tiredness, nothing. 

That means nothing though. I don’t know why I continue to symptom spot. It never ends well. 


8 thoughts on “Absent Minded

  1. Feel exactly the same, it’s all a blur! Can’t remember what it is like to know the actual day rather than cycle day! Day 29 for me of Clomid Cycle 3…. Waiting for period to arrive to be honest, trying to avoid thinking positively so I don’t get upset, again….!! Sending love xx

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