It’s been a strange week for me.

On Friday I took my mum out for a birthday afternoon tea at Loch Lomond, played crazy golf with Kian and Nikki (my husband – i dont know if ive ever mentioned his name) on Saturday and went out for dinner on Sunday with Nikki, my dad and my brother.

It was a good weekend. I had lie-ins, I ate chocolate and I laughed a lot (my husband was responsible for most of that).

But there’s still a small niggly feeling way down in the pit of my stomach. I’m still gutted I’m not pregnant. It’s still on my mind.

Ovulation week is next week (whoah when did that creep up?) …Every month when I get my period I cant wait for my fertile week to come. Its a chance to try again afterall.. but then when it actually does come around I bloody hate it because well, I NEED TO TRY AGAIN!!!

I think we’ll stick with the testing for a while longer. I kind of liked the validation of knowing for sure when I was ovulating.

Well. Fingers crossed again.


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