In Between

In Between


I think we were pretty successful with the OPKs this month. I say ‘think’ because I got a positive over two days, but I read a few things and apparently that can happen and you should just go with your first. CD18 which is pretty much bang on the average for my cycle. Thinking back on previous months, I might have been doing it a little bit too early? So maybe I have been doing it wrong this whole time? Wouldn’t that be just bloody great………

Anyway I think i’ll stick with the testing for a few months – it means I won’t always wonder “have I ovulated? Have we missed it?” and I can stop with the CM checking because if I’m entirely honest – it grosses me out a little.

My phantom symptoms so far have been – 1.Cramps…


3. Irrational emotional outbreaks. (mainly tears for no good reason)

I’m now on CD27 and Im not taking any of the above seriously. Oh no, I’m not THAT stupid. I’ve learned my lesson thank you very much. Numerous times I may add.

On a side note – its been 5 weeks since my ultrasound (where they checked the cyst on my ovary) and i STILL have yet to hear anything. It’s starting to piss me off a bit now…. Im pretty sure there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, but there’s always a wee niggle isn’t there??


2 thoughts on “In Between

  1. It’s hard not to symptom check isn’t it! Even when we’ve been there so many times.
    5 weeks is way too long to leave you hanging. It’s probably a ‘no news is good news’ situation but still it’s nice to be informed. I’d be annoyed!

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    1. Apparently the woman who deals with it was on Easter break… I mean, what do you even say to that?? Surely there’s more than one bloody doctor that knows how to read an ultrasound?

      Bloody send it to me and i”ll check for a YouTube tutorial!

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