Symptom tracking/imagining

Symptom tracking/imagining


It’s the last stretch of my TWW and so far I’ve had sensitive, tingly nipples, the veins on my breasts look more prominent, I’ve been tired, I’ve been getting up at night to pee, I haven’t had any of my normal PMS symptoms and it’s felt kind of ‘different’ during fun times with the husband.  

So my hopes are well and truly up this month. All the way up. 

In reality, these symptoms are probably all in my head and the little red devil will turn up bang on time this week. Judging by my past luck, this is the most likely outcome. I also HATE that I’m even thinking I might be pregnant. Hate that I’m allowing myself to get excited. Hate this whole thing. 


8 thoughts on “Symptom tracking/imagining

  1. Oh I hear you! My brain just gets tied up in knots and I get so frustrated that I’m even entertaining such thoughts! To be honest I’m not looking forward to trying again purely for that reason, and of course after the 2WW there’s the 8WW until the first trimester is up!
    But – I’m really hoping that this month is your month, and that everything works out for you 🙂

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    1. Ohhh God yea, it’s constantly a waiting game! Although the 8week wait is SO much worse. Just constantly terrified….. well it’ll all be worth it when I finally get to hold my wee baby!! (Fingers crossed it won’t be too long)

      Thank you 🙂

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  2. Fingers crossed for you! Hey, we’re cycle buddies. I’m due this Friday-ish. Trying not to get my hopes up either. My boobs hurt like crazy, but I looked at my last two months’ of tracking and they did around this time, too, when my AF showed up. Argh.

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