The not so well known FWW

The not so well known FWW


I’ve not long entered the TWW stage – periods due in around 11-13 days (I’m usually 28-30 but rarely consistent which makes it hard to pinpoint exact ovulation date)

I use a pretty basic app to check my dates but it’s only an estimate and I rely on CM the rest of the time – again; I’m never 100%, I just hope for the best if I’m honest.

Women who are actively trying or struggling know how frustrating the TWW (two week wait) can be.. it just seems to go on and on…and on and on.. and on!

But – and I’m sure I’m not alone in this – its nothing compared to the FWW (four week wait). I’ve realised that the minute I get those cramps, or when I pee and theres a hint of red on the paper; when my period annoyingly arrives – I’m on my countdown.

Ok, so not pregnant… now what?

Countdown to Aunt Flow pissing  off (sorry) taking with her the constant reminder of the fact I’m not pregnant.

Countdown to ovulation week which everyone tells us is supposed to be the fun part (listen, of course I have fun during the stuff,  but there’s still all this underlying pressure).

Countdown to the week your due ‘on’ (eugh I hate that). Trying to read signs. Am I cramping? Am I emotional? How’s my skin looking? Am I craving chocolate  (Hell, I’m ALWAYS craving chocolate)

Ok.. Period should be here now. I’m late. Good. Or is it? I’m not always regular. I’m getting my hopes up. I’m now 2 days late. Am I pregnant? 3 days late. Nope. Here she bloody is!!! (excuse the pun)

So i guess the countdown starts again.



11 thoughts on “The not so well known FWW

  1. I’m right there with you. I’ve just started my TWW. Two weeks that I am utterly delusional. Unless of course I actually become pregnant one of these months. Then I’ll be super glad I recorded all those symptoms so I can tell my friends and aunts, right? πŸ™‚

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    1. I’m due on around tues or wed and I’ve already had tiredness, been over emotional, been peeing like crazy through the night and got a bit of a cold so ya know.. according to Google I’m pregnant! Haha

      Good luck on ur TWW. hope the end result is a wee baba in there πŸ™‚ lol


      1. Exactly! Our minds and bodies can be so cruel. Haha, thank you! Good luck to you too! Here’s hoping, but also extreme denying so that I won’t be let down when AF arrives. πŸ˜‰ Until then, I’ll be on Google, fantasizing that my symptoms are meaningful.

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