365 days later

365 days later

Exactly one year ago today, I was on honeymoon in Cuba lying in a strange medical centre having a miscarriage. 

Today, I’m in work – not with a child – but with yet another miscarriage behind me. 

I still sometimes can’t believe it’s been a whole year. A year and not a single day has passed where I haven’t thought about it, if even briefly. 

They say time’s a healer right? Well I say that’s bullshit. 365 days later and I still hurt. 




4 thoughts on “365 days later

  1. Every time I have hit the year mark after a miscarriage I am bewildered that it seems the year just flew by, but the days were very slow. I hope for you that when this date hits next year you are holding a precious child of yours. Sending hugs. xo

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  2. Thank you for re-posting. I’m sorry for what a terrible time you have been through, my first MC in 2012 was in a medical room in Egypt, so I understand how terrifying and disturbing those memories can be. I have had 3 in total but I have had children as well. Fortunately because of your age there is still time. I know it’s sooo annoying when people tell you that but it really is true. Dr’s can get women in their 50’s to have babies! You will get your baby. The very worst case scenario is that it may require a little assistance getting there.
    I have everything crossed for you that 2016 is your year. X

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    1. Thank you.. it’s nice to hear someone going through such a similar thing. God, I dont mean “nice”.. comforting maybe. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it can help knowing you’re not alone 🙂

      Thank u for commenting x


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