Christmas Blues

Christmas Blues


I’ve been feeling pretty eager to try again after my last (and third) miscarriage… this one happened almost immediately so it was physically easier to deal with. Medically speaking, we can try straight away.
My husband said to me he wasn’t so sure.. if we were to get pregnant now, then the due date would be roughly the same as what our last babies was and hubby didn’t think that was the best idea.
I know its unlikely that we’re gonna fall pregnant immediately but it hurt for him to say that … I want a baby with him and for me.. that’s what matters – not a date.

He always tells me that if I can’t give him a baby he wouldn’t care.. but he has a child already.. Would he say that if he didn’t? And what about me, I love my stepson unconditionally but I still want so much to be a mum.

I sometimes wonder if I’m being selfish.. I do know he really wants one but is he right? Should we wait.. stop “trying” and just put it to the back of my mind? How do you do that though? When I constantly see pregnant women, women with babies and being around my niece… how can I then just switch off wanting to be a mum??


4 thoughts on “Christmas Blues

  1. It’s give and take. You aren’t being selfish wanting a baby, he isn’t being selfish not wanting to have one right this second, so much so it begins to overtake your life.

    But you need to decide whose more desperate, and it sounds like you are, for a baby. So I think keep trying, otherwise you are going to sit around wishing you were trying. But only if that is definitely what you want. Xx

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    1. Thanks for commenting:) I think it’s more that he worries about me and less about not wanting one right now. I just sometimes read his actions/words as something else. I guess I’d like a bit more enthusiasm maybe. I know I want a child, I’m just terrified it won’t happen.


  2. Hahaha omg its the worst! “it’ll happen when u aren’t thinking about it”… oh problem solved then! So simple really isn’t it?! Just commenting on post can help… we all know what it’s like to hear those phrases, and they don’t help at all. Having someone thats been through it, or going through it is so much more helpful… they have a much better level of understanding. So thank you 🙂


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