My not so positive positive

My not so positive positive

I had my appointment at the doctors yesterday.  

I gave her the bottle and she looked at what she so lovingly referred to as ‘my specimen’. She didn’t look at me or feel my stomach or take a blood test. She didn’t take my blood pressure or even a bloody pregnancy test. She said it was most likely another miscarriage and the best thing would be to take a test when I got home. She said she would refer me to a specialist. I told her I’ve already been to a specialist (this was after my honeymoon loss). She either never heard me or chose to disregard what I said as she went ahead and referred me anyway, then sent me on my merry way. 

When I got home, I took a pregnancy test like she suggested.  

It was positive.  

I’d spent the best part of a year waiting to see those two lines, and now in some horrible twist of fate – it was the worst thing I could’ve seen. 



5 thoughts on “My not so positive positive

  1. This is terrible, I’m so sorry! If the tests are getting darker, there’s definitely some pregnancy tissue retained. If you’re bleeding anymore, I think you should see a doctor and get a scan, you might need a D&C to remove it all. It happened to me with my last loss. Can you go to the hospital if your doctor is not being helpful? Hope you get this handled soon, it’s so hard… Hugs

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting. . Was just reaching out for someone I think.
      Im going to wait til Friday and then take another test. Im still bleeding but its light so I’m not too panicky write now. If I test positive on friday then I’ll def bypass my doctors and straight to hospital!

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  2. I can’t even tell you how disgusted I am by your GP. It sadly doesn’t surprise me, but it’s horrendous all the same. Please look after yourself and go straight to the hospital if there’s any change at all. I’m thinking of you and hoping you’re as OK as you can be. Always here if you need to talk xx

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    1. Thank u so much hun. That means alot. It’s so frustrating to be trying for so long and then fr this to happen again. My work are being even bloody worse n I just feel horrible at the minute. I’ve got a few days off so gna take it easy n see how things progress. Will keep everyone updated. Thank u again xxx

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