It’s happening again

It’s happening again

I thought my period came a few days ago, but now I’m not so sure. 
Last night at work I felt something kind of just sitting in my underwear. When I went to the toilet to check my sanitary towel, I noticed something. Something that looked like tissue.  I don’t know what it was, but I know it wasn’t just a period. I had cramps that disappeared almost immediately – same as last time. I took whatever it was that I passed and placed it in a urine sample bottle I pinched from work. Maybe the doctor would know more. 

I have an appointment tomorrow so I’ll find out for sure then. It’ll be my 3rd miscarriage if it is. So that’s one at home when I was 19, one on honeymoon in Cuba and one at work. 1 day before my birthday. 

I should really pinch myself to make sure all this wonderfulness isn’t a dream.  



13 thoughts on “It’s happening again

      1. Yea.. thats my 3rd. Im going to push to get progesterone for next one. The studies don’t lie and I’m sick of doctors n nurses telling me “you’re stil young”. “At least u can fall pregnant” bloody patronising!
        I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for next time 🙂

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      2. Yeah definitely push for it. It’s something so simple really that it seems ridiculous not to offer it. And as for the whole “at least you can get pregnant” argument, nothing infuriates me more right now. Getting pregnant is the easy bit. These people have clearly never felt that awful loss. I’m keeping everything crossed for you and hoping that you’ll get your happy ending soon.

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      3. I know, its bloody ridiculous. The fact is we all share the same problem.. we dont have a baby! Yes falling pregnant has been relatively easy for me but I still obv have a major issue carrying to term. Just venting my frustration with NHS – I know u agree with me on this issue lol 🙂

        Anyway.. wot bout u? Any news? Xx

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      4. Oh absolutely I do! We’ll get there though. As you said, we just have to keep trying and keep positive. 🙂 All ok this end so far…will keep you posted! I hope you’ve got some lovely birthday plans for this weekend – try and enjoy it as best you can. Xx

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      5. Keeping my fingers crossed for you hun!! We’ll get our wee babies soon, it’s jus gna make it all the more worthwhile 🙂

        Thank u!! Bfast in bed, dinner in glasgow with mum and hubby then a wee red wine n live music I think. Trying to celebrate what we do have xxx

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    1. Thank u so much for the comment. I’m going to try put it back of my mind tmw and have a nice day.. deal with it all on Sunday! My last MC happened on honeymoon so I don’t want another special date to be remembered in such a negative way. Staying positive. .or trying at least 🙂

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  1. Ugh, I HATE the “at least you can get pregnant comment. I would much rather wait a year and a half to get pregnant with an actual viable fetus than be on miscarriage number 3. I myself am pregnant for the 5th time, hoping this won’t be yet another miscarriage. Baby dust to you…

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    1. I totally agree! Who wants to continuously get pregnant to lose it every time? They expect us to be happy we got pregnant!

      Good luck with this pregnancy. . I’ll keep absolutely everything crossed for you! Xxx


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