Still not pregnant.

Still not pregnant.


5 days late and what do I get? My fucking period. I stupidly got my hopes up because that’s all I seem to do these days and now I feel like shit. I swear I’m never taking another pregnancy test until I feel a baby kicking. It’s my birthday on Saturday and I kind of hoped I would get a positive and it’d be a special birthday present to myself. Sad, I know.

It’s nearly a year since I last fell pregnant and I feel so frustrated with myself and my body. I didn’t even try last time.

I feel like crying. I am crying. Stupid bloody hormones.


3 thoughts on “Still not pregnant.

    1. Yea definitely. I also get a wee bit down when my period arrives but I think that’s just natutal hormones tbh cos I don’t really focus or dwell on it.. but being late is just bloody cruel lol. Thank u so much for the comment. Always helps just being on here 🙂

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  1. After trying for 12 cycles, I have decided to stop symptom spotting or feel the need to test or get my hopes up because it is just so depressing when AF comes. Ughhh. I sooo understand how you feel! Xx.


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